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Vinay Diamonds is offering you an amazing opportunity to earn tons of money by joining our sales team. Signing up is Fast, Easy and FREE.

What Is "Join Our Sales Team" campaign?

It is a new marketing practice adopted by Vinay Diamonds.
Background: As per latest figures, 11 out of 12 diamonds set in jewellery in the world are cut & polished in Surat and we proud to have our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in the Surat,India. Traditionally diamond wholesale price and retail price is having price Gap varying 20-50 % based on different products. As this is a high investment business most of the wholesaler can't afford to sell the retailer directly rather their need is quick selling and wholesale selling. Due to this business model there is middle channel established in the industry which will buy from manufacturer and sell to retailer. As time passes this channels grows in layer which ultimately causes lower margins for individual. 

So here comes the opportunity for you.

We'll try to remove multiple layer with only one and i.e. YOU .

What is required to join "Join Our Sales Team" campaign?

Not much really. Any middle channel man require 3 characteristics,

1) Experience and knowledge of Diamond
2) Sales Attitude
3) Confidence to create retail Network of Jewellers and retail customer.

Do you have answers to "2" and 3" ?? Then leave "1" to us and BE READY TO JOIN our campaign !!!

How Much Can I Expect To Earn from "Join Our Sales Team" campaign?

Well, that really depends on how much you want to earn! Seriously, the sky's the limit! Our group sells the finest loose diamonds on the web with best price. If you can successfully establish your retail network then it's your world.

We are very clear on our philosophy and do the business with our two decade old values & ethics. Whatever margin you want to take from retail jewellers / individual, it completely depends on you. We manufacture with aim of wholesale selling and sell it with wholesale price only. We will not have double price standard for retailer and wholesaler. It's your deal and you can do it completely your!!

Our only motto to establish this campaign is to create win-win situation for retailer, middle channel and our Group. We believe to achieve lower retail price for retailer, higher profit margin for middle channel and higher sales for our group through this campaign.

Why We have this "Join Our Sales Team" campaign as anybody can get our inventory list with wholesale price from our website? What is extra!!!

Yes there is extraaa!!

We have got multiple advantages for joining our sales team campaign rather than blindly get list from our website

1) We will pass real time data of inventory to the member of this campaign. So product which they see always available from inventory side. No, Hold off     period requires!!

2) We have bimonthly, monthly or yearly targets for campaign members. If you can achieve then you will get hefty commission from them. Please contact     us to know more about commission terms and figures.

3) We work hard for you! We feature actual photographs of all loose diamonds to campaign members , LAB certificate on the site and top-notch     customer service. Your success depends on our success and we do anything and everything to ensure our customers are happy!