Retailers Only

A dedication to helping its retailers to build their brands is at the heart of Vinay Diamonds' business. Rather than promoting itself to the consumer, the Group operates quietly as 'the brand behind the brand' encouraging its clients to present our diamonds directly to their customers under their own brand names. This helps our clients make additional sales to existing customers as well as entice potential new customers in store. By working closely with us to identify the perfect diamonds for their stores, retailers ultimately grow their diamond businesses in ways in which they would have never imagined. In addition to our diamonds, we offer the following support/resources as part of our 'the brand behind the brand' marketing program:

  • Tailor made assortments to fulfil each of our retailers' specific needs
  • Access to professional, high resolution photography to incorporate in your b2c materials
  • On-site training sessions to assist sales staff in selling larger diamonds
  • Each retailer in the program will begin with a mutually determined amount/type of goods which, upon sold, can be replaced – guaranteed depends on terms agreed
  • Overnight delivery
  • Best in class customer service